11" Chromebook Cases

11-Inch Chromebook Case for Schools

11-inch laptop cases for schools

Chromebooks offer an affordable way for schools to give their students access to the internet. They are also more fragile than most laptops or tablets, which makes them more vulnerable to damage. Combine that with students that are notorious for not taking the best care of their devices and it presents a need for protection. An 11-inch Chromebook case for education from Higher Ground will help to preserve your school district's investment by providing much-needed protection against dropping and mishandling.

Why Move to Higher Ground?

Higher Ground 11-inch Chromebook cases for education are the result of more than 16 years of expertise and firsthand experience. The company was founded by an educator and his former student who understand the need for schools to safeguard their investment in technology. You'll receive a protective case that is far superior to the numerous copycat products on the market today if you opt for this solution.

These cases are designed specifically for students. Many competing companies focus on consumers and attempt to adapt their solutions to the education market without any success. Higher Ground offers cases that meet the unique functional and protective requirements of today's students. They deliver better long-term value to the school districts that purchase them.

How Do I Protect School Chromebooks?

Higher Ground Chromebook cases can provide a reliable solution throughout the K-12 environment. A product such as a Shuttle 3.0 is an ideal 11-inch Chromebook case for elementary school students, as it enables them to work with their device in the case. The Vert 3.0 is a suitable 11-inch Chromebook case for high school students because it can accommodate additional devices and contains pockets for accessories, notebooks and school supplies.

About K-12 Chromebook Cases

Higher Ground 11-inch Chromebook cases for students consist of high-quality materials that provide long-lasting protection. They also undergo meticulous testing to ensure peak performance. 

11 inch chromebook cases for kids

Examples of their many features include:

  • EVA construction: The padding consists of the same type of foam found in running shoes and athletic pads, which prevents damage by absorbing impact in a drop.
  • Hydrophobic coating: The case repels dirt and water, which protects the device and other contents and extends the case's lifespan.
  • Identification windows: Enables clear identification to minimize the risk of theft, inventory miscounts and students picking up the wrong case.
  • Protecting technology: The 11-inch Chromebook cases for education enable students to work while the device is in the case, which lowers the chances of damage from mishandling.
  • Lifetime warranty: The Higher Ground warranty is the best in the industry, allowing you to purchase your cases with confidence and extra peace of mind.

Contact Higher Ground to Purchase 11-Inch Chromebook Cases for Education

protective 11-inch chromebook cases

Higher Ground supports the 11-inch Chromebook cases for schools with prompt, reliable customer service. Our well-trained representatives can answer all your questions and assist you with product selection. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how these protective cases can safeguard your investment and reduce your technology repair and replacement costs. You can also request a free sample and a no-obligation Chromebook case quote.