Microsoft Chromebook Case

Microsoft Chromebook Cases For Schools

Microsoft Chromebook cases for schools

Chromebooks are valuable, cost-effective learning tools for K-12 school districts. They're also fragile, which means students can damage them easily. Having reliable drop protection is essential for limiting Chromebook repair and replacement expenses and prolonging the devices' lifespan.

If your district uses Microsoft Chromebooks, Higher Ground can provide a protective case you can trust with your technology. These innovative designs are also functional and user-friendly to meet the needs of every student.


Why Buy From Higher Ground?

As the original education-focused case company, Higher Ground is a pioneer in the portable storage industry. The company's founders set out to design products that enable school districts to safeguard their investment in technology and enhance the learning experience.

While many competitors target the consumer market, Higher Ground remains passionate about education. You'll receive a thoughtfully designed, carefully constructed Microsoft Chromebook hard case or bag that will last a long time and serve your students, teachers and administrators well.

Other benefits of choosing Higher Ground as your Microsoft Chromebook cover supplier include:

  • Exceptional customer service that competing case providers cannot match
  • Risk-free buying with a lifetime guarantee
  • A hassle-free 30-day return policy that ensures your total satisfaction
  • Quick quotes
  • An industry-best dealer program that provides full support to resellers and distributors


How Do I Protect School Microsoft Chromebooks?

A school Chromebook is exposed to everything from drops and falls to spilled drinks and general mishandling. A Higher Ground Microsoft Chromebook bag or case will provide a protective barrier that significantly decreases the likelihood of damage. As a result, you can worry less about screen breakage — these cases can reduce such occurrences by up to 90%. You may also receive a substantial discount on your technology insurance premiums when purchasing and using Higher Ground Microsoft Chromebook cases for schools.

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Key protective features include:

  • Reinforced corners and edges that extend beyond the Chromebook and absorb impact
  • EVA foam that provides exceptional cushioning
  • Hydrophobic coating that repels dirt and moisture before they can reach the interior components
  • Identification windows that can deter theft and keep students from picking up the wrong bag

Each Microsoft Chromebook case also undergoes meticulous testing to ensure peak performance and maximum longevity.


About Higher Ground K-12 Microsoft Chromebook Cases for Schools

When it comes to mobile computer protection and usage, elementary school students have different needs than their older counterparts. Higher Ground designs and manufactures Microsoft Chromebook cases for every K-12 student. Select from multiple sizes as well as a variety of product types, such as:

  • Work-in-case: A popular option for protecting delicate Chromebooks because students can keep their devices in the case while working.
  • Remove-to-use: A suitable choice for convertible Chromebooks.
  • Carry-in-backpack: Drop-in inserts and capsules that provide protective padding for transporting devices in backpacks.
  • Use-in-cart: Perfect for schools that use portable charging carts.


Buy Protective Microsoft Chromebook Cases From Higher Ground

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Explore all the Microsoft Chromebook cover options and place your order online today. Contact us for additional information or to request a free product sample.